Call for Papers Java2Days 2014 is opened

We are proud to announce that the Java2Days, mobile2Days and Cloud2Days 2014 Call for Papers is opened.

The main categories and subcategories for the event 2014 are available in the new conference web site here.

We are eager to receive your submission with proposal for interesting, attractive and hot topic/s for the upcoming 6th conferences edition.

Don’t be shy and submit your topic/s.


Expect Java2Days in November 2014

Expect the new edition of Java2Days and the co-events Mobile2Days and Cloud2Days will be organized in November 2014.

Call for Papers for the upcoming 6th edition of the conferences is opened.

Stay tuned for all interesting news connected with the upcoming event in 2014.


Pictures and Video materials of Java2Days 2013

All amazing pictures and video materials of Java2Days 2013 conference are available in the event Flickr profile.

Take a look of them, recognize yourself and all experienced speakers from the 5th edition of the conferences.

See you at the upcoming event in 2014!

J2D 2013_12

The first pictures of J2D 2013

The first amazing pictures from Java2Days 2013 are available in “Gallery” of the Java2Days mobile app for Android. Take a look at the first awesome conferences moments in pictures.
Stay tuned for more pictures … and recognize yourself!


The Conferences agenda 2013 – updated

The conferences 2013 agenda is updated.

There are 2 changes:

  • Josh Long sessions are changed – “Have You Seen Spring Lately?” will be presented on Day 1 and “Building RESTful Services with Spring” will be presented on Day 2
  • Sergi Almar will speak about “AngularJS for Spring Developers” at 11:00 on Day 2 and Atanas Raykov will about “Generating Revenue from Smartphone Services in Bulgaria” at 13:30 on Day 2

Conference’s Raffle on 3rd and 4th December 2013

Amazing conference’s raffle gifts are waiting to meet their owners.

After the Q&A sessions on day 1 and days 2 the Lottery will be organized.

The speakers will be honored to choose the lucky winners who will win the great gifts.

Among the gifts are:

  • 1 Tablet Acer Iconia B1 – provided by Methodia
  • 2 Hitachi 1TB External Hard Drives – provided by Methodia
  • 1 one year license for mobile Internet – Traffic Unlimited XL+ and 3G MiFi router – provided by Vivacom
  • 1 been back chair – provided by Proxiad
  • 5 one year licenses for Atlassian products – provided by Nemetschek
  • 1 Apple TV – iCorner
  • … and more

All conferences 2013 attendees can take part in the Raffle for Free.

Taking part is easy – fill a special raffle card and push it to the special raffle box situated on the reception desk.

Please find the raffle rules here.

Good luck to every one.

See you on 3 and 4 December 2013 in IEC, Sofia, Bulgaria.


VIVA STARTUP – challenging competition organized by VIVACOM, partner of the conferences 2013

We are happy to announce information about interesting and attractive competition #NEWBORNIDEAS, organized by VIVACOM – one of the conferences partners.

Take part in the competition, GO MOBILE, and win funding for your mobile application provided by VIVACOM.

This season VIVACOM continue to support developing mobile applications through #NEWBORNIDEAS competition and challenges the enthusiastic people to participate with their idea for Android mobile application.

If you have progressive idea for mobile app for local use with the potential to be society beneficial and useful in the daily live, you can win:

  • 5000,00 leva financing for project development;
  • application recommended positioning on the home page in the largest platform for local Android apps VIVA Apps;
  • direct revenue through operator billing of VIVACOM;
  • marketing support in web sites, social networks, PR, part of the VIVACOM commercial network, direct campaigns through push- or SMS messages to mobile customers of VIVACOM;
  • free pack for unlimited mobile Internet for the team players.

How to participate in the competition?

To participate in the competition send your mobile app project to till 05.01.2014.

The ten proposals gathered the highest score by the competition judges will participate in the final stage of the contest #NEWBORNIDEAS. The winner will be announced at a special event till the end of January 2014, organized by VIVACOM.

More information about the contest is available here and the full contest rules – here.

J2D 2013_08

Hackergarten at Java2Days 2013

We are happy to announce that Hackergarten will be hosted for first time at Java2Days 2013.

What the Hackergarten is – chance enthusiastic people like you to takes part in Open Source projects according to your choice.

This session is your chance to contribute to the Open Source projects you’ve been learning about.

Instead of a presentation, we will come together with several open source experts – Aslak Knutsen (Arquillian), Koen Aers (JBoss), Ivan St. Ivanov (Adopt OpenJDK) and write a plugin, a small feature, or a bug fix for a project that interests you.

This is your chance to get involved with opens source and learn how to make a difference for the projects you’re passionate about.

Bring your laptop and your ideas. Everyone is welcome.

Taking part is free!

J2D 2013_06

Adopt OpenJDK hands on lab sessions

We are happy to announce an amazing Adopt OpenJDK hands on lab sessions that will be held during the conferences days.

Mani Sarkar, Ivan St. Ivanov, Martin Toshev and Dmitriy Aleksandrov will present the power of Adopt OpenJDK in a hands on labs sessions.

This specialized training will be organized in a separate room from the conferences halls.

Everyone registered attendee who is interested to take part in these great practical lessons and to learn about Adopt OpenJDK is available to access the labs for free.

The requirements to the conferences attendees are:

  • Bring your laptops
  • Check the information below
  • Adopt OpenJDK getting started kit:
    Adopt OpenJDK thoughts, ideas & experiences document:

    Please, follow the instructions in the first link before attending the talk and hands on lab slot – it will help you to enjoy and grasp the sessions better.

  • Contact to the conferences’ organizing team to book your seat*
  • Enjoy the hands on labs and have fun!

* Please, note that the hands on labs sessions are available for access only for registered conferences attendees. The hands on lab seats are limited and required preliminary reservation