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Alexander Shopov

Alexander Shopov has been a programmer for more than a decade now, has a wide experience in programming and has survived it. He never lets common knowledge stop him since he knows the purpose of it is to stop you.

Relevant to Java2Days are his experience in Java, JavaScript and databases large and small. He has taken part in many facets of the software industry:

  • Applications and services for the administration almighty;
  • Catering to the needs and whims of commercial clients in the fashion, retail, relocation, building, furniture business;
  • Currently he is a software developer at Cisco Systems.

He suspects that someone has been naïve enough to scream “Enterprise” three times into a mirror and this explains why the Enterprise still haunts us.

Otherwise he is generally a nice guy except for the times when he is not.He wields his sense of humor in mysterious ways. He loves free and open source software, contributes to it and is the Bulgarian coordinator of GNOME translations.

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