J2D 2013_06

Adopt OpenJDK hands on lab sessions

We are happy to announce an amazing Adopt OpenJDK hands on lab sessions that will be held during the conferences days.

Mani Sarkar, Ivan St. Ivanov, Martin Toshev and Dmitriy Aleksandrov will present the power of Adopt OpenJDK in a hands on labs sessions.

This specialized training will be organized in a separate room from the conferences halls.

Everyone registered attendee who is interested to take part in these great practical lessons and to learn about Adopt OpenJDK is available to access the labs for free.

The requirements to the conferences attendees are:

  • Bring your laptops
  • Check the information below
  • Adopt OpenJDK getting started kit: http://bit.ly/17ovGUB
    Adopt OpenJDK thoughts, ideas & experiences document: http://bit.ly/1ckphOl

    Please, follow the instructions in the first link before attending the talk and hands on lab slot – it will help you to enjoy and grasp the sessions better.

  • Contact to the conferences’ organizing team to book your seat*
  • Enjoy the hands on labs and have fun!

* Please, note that the hands on labs sessions are available for access only for registered conferences attendees. The hands on lab seats are limited and required preliminary reservation

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